Fingerprint recordsThis post concludes and recaps my series on sealing or expunging a criminal record in Peoria, Illinois or elsewhere in our State. I decided to write on this topic due to the fact that many people are unsure as to whether they can clear their criminal history, the process involved in doing so, and the process involved. The goal of my recent posts has been to provide information which help people to understand their rights and to assist them in making an informed decision as to which attorney should assist them. If you have questions about the process then call my office today to speak with a lawyer. My office is able to handle such matters for as low as $499 plus court costs.

I have addressed multiple topics over my recent articles. Issues which I have analyzed include:

There are several reasons why residents of our area should understand these issues. First, many do not understand the benefits of clearing their history. Doing so can make a record either disappear or, at least, very hard to find during a background check. This can simplify one’s life when it comes to securing housing, employment, etc. Second, answering the question of whether you can seal or expunge your record will depend on the circumstances of your case. Your eligibility will depend on the nature of the offense, how long it has been since you satisfied all of the Court’s requirements, as well as other factors. Third, the process of clearing your history involves multiple steps and you may be required to make a Court appearance. Finally, retaining counsel to assist you can help to ensure that your case is handled properly and that you get through the system as quickly as possible.

If you have questions about sealing or expunging an Illinois criminal record then call to discuss your situation. I am a Peoria attorney and former prosecutor who is familiar with our local system. I will use your initial consultation to determine whether clearing your history will meet your objectives, whether you are eligible to do so, and what it is you should expect from the process as your case moves forward. I strongly believe that everyone is entitled to effective representation regardless of their history. I am ready to assist you.

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