Peoria Criminal Defense Attorney Handling Robbery And Theft Charges

Man in handcuffsProperty crimes can carry stiff penalties. Matters involving robbery and theft are aggressively prosecuted in Illinois and a conviction can have lasting consequences. Such consequences can include incarceration, fines, the requirement of paying restitution, and a permanent criminal record. If you find yourself facing such charges then it is vital that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible. I am a Peoria criminal defense attorney handling Illinois robbery and theft charges. Contact my office today to schedule an initial consultation.

Peoria lawyer representing those charged with theft, larceny, or robbery

Theft occurs in Illinois when one takes or exerts control over property which belongs to someone else. The penalties for theft (sometimes known as “larceny”) are based on the value of the property. For example, if the property’s value was less than $500 then the charge will be a Class “A” misdemeanor as long as it is not taken from a person (in other words, if the defendant did not commit robbery). If a robbery was committed against another person then the taking of property worth less than $500 will be charged as a Class 4 felony. Penalties will increase as the value of the property increases. Finally, if one uses a weapon then they are likely facing enhanced charges.

The first step in a robbery case will be for the defendant to enter a plea of “guilty” or “not guilty” at their arraignment. Such cases often hinge on issues of an inaccurate eyewitness identification, the extent to which the police violated the defendant’s rights, and the actual value of the property. After pretrial Motions are heard and decided the case will proceed to trial. A jury will decide guilt and the sentence, if there is a conviction, will be handed down by the Judge. It is important that you retain an experienced attorney to assist you.

I am a Peoria lawyer defending the accused against charges of theft, larceny, or robbery. I will listen to your side of the story to get an understanding of what happened. I will view the scene of the incident and will hire an investigator if necessary. If feasible, my office will file Motions challenging the use of eyewitnesses, the admission of statements in violation of the Fifth Amendment, and the admission of other evidence. I will ensure that you are prepared for trial and will protect your rights throughout the process. If you need to speak with an attorney then contact my office today.

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Peoria attorney providing quality representation to those facing theft charges

If you are facing theft charges then you risk being labeled as a violent offender. Such a label can have a devastating impact on your future. It is important that you retain quality representation to handle such charges. I am a former prosecutor with over twenty years of legal experience. I am familiar with our local Court system and will stay in regular contact with you while guiding you through the process. I regularly provides clients with my cell phone number, can be reached via text message, and I make himself available to answer questions. Do not risk your future to lesser experienced counsel. I am ready to assist you.