Father with child on shouldersThis is the next post in my series on Peoria, Illinois child custody cases which involve supervised visitation. My last article discussed the process of requesting that a parent’s visits be supervised. The Court will often hear such requests quickly as these types of cases typically involve an emergency situation. If the Court finds that a credible threat exists then the Judge is likely to take immediate action. A trial date will be set in order to determine a more permanent situation. The process of handling such a case is complicated and it is important that one speak with a  child custody lawyer as soon as possible. In this article I will discuss another important topic – how a father can win unsupervised visitation with his child. If you require assistance then contact my office today to speak with an attorney.

It is rare for a Court to order supervised visitation without some type of an “end point.” In other words, visitation will typically remain supervised only until a Judge finds that certain conditions and/or requirements have been met. For example, if a dad’s visitation has been supervised due to drug use then the Court may require that he pass regular drug tests for a period of time before receiving a more traditional visitation schedule. The Court will typically order regular status checks while the father is in his period of required drug testing. If a test comes back positive then the dad will likely see his supervised visitation furthered. If, however, the period of drug testing is successfully completed then a Judge is likely to award unsupervised visitation and to set a schedule appropriate to the circumstances.

There are some situations where, for obvious reasons, a Court will be reluctant to award unsupervised visitation. These include instances in which a parent has sexually abused a child, has engaged in physical abuse, or other such situations.

It is important that a father show that he has overall stability when he is requesting that the court lift an order of supervision. This means that a dad must show that he has a living situation that is suitable to the presence of a child, that the refrigerator will contain adequate food for the child, and other such circumstances. The better the picture one paints then the more likely the Court is to rule in their favor.

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