courtroomThis is the last post in a series of articles discussing how to defend against bad check charges in Peoria, Illinois. My previous post emphasized the importance of handling outstanding bad check charges quickly to avoid or minimize the potentially serious consequences of a conviction. Depending upon the circumstances, a bad check conviction could be a misdemeanor or felony requiring the payment of fines, court costs, or possible imprisonment. It is important to respond to such charges quickly and appropriately to defend oneself. If you need assistance, contact my office today to speak with an attorney.

This series addressed the following key points:

Understanding these topics is important for several reasons. First, Illinois takes violations of the deceptive practices statute seriously and is willing to prosecute offenders, even for minor infractions. Knowing the law can help individuals avoid criminal convictions. Second, it is important to consult with an attorney to understand what potential defenses may be available to you if charged with passing bad checks. Third, the majority of minor violations are diverted to Check Enforcement Programs, which allow eligible individuals to make restitution to the recipient of a bad check instead of facing criminal prosecution. Fourth, it may be possible to expunge or seal your criminal record after being charged with or convicted of deceptive practices. There are numerous benefits to this process. An attorney can explain whether you are eligible. Finally, failing to respond quickly to bad check charges can have serious consequences, such as outstanding arrest warrants, prosecution, and criminal convictions, even for minor violations.

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