Bill of rightsThis post concludes and recaps my series on cases involving the violation of a defendant’s rights in Peoria, Illinois. I felt it was necessary as, for obvious reasons, many people do not know how to proceed if their rights have been violated. While it is understandable that one may believe that there is nothing they can do – the truth of the matter is that an accused individual has options. The goal of my last several articles has been to provide information which will help people to understand those options. It has also been my goal to provide information which will assist people in selecting a criminal defense attorney. If you or a loved one have been arrested then contact my office today to speak with a lawyer.

I have addressed several topics over my recent articles. Issues which I have analyzed include:

These are important topics for an individual to understand. First, law enforcement may not stop an individual on the street simply because they want to. It must be shown that they had “reasonable suspicion” to believe that someone was engaging in criminal activity. Second, while police may stop a vehicle for a traffic infraction, such an incident does not give them the right to fully search the vehicle. Third, an individual does not have to have been placed under arrest in order to have the “right to remain silent.” Finally, if a warrant is based on information from an unreliable confidential informant then it may be possible to have any obtained evidence excluded from the Court’s proceedings.

One thing I cannot stress enough is that you should contact a lawyer immediately if you believe that your rights were violated. Search and seizure issues involve complicated questions of law and it is important that you retain a criminal defense attorney who is experienced in handling such matters. I am a former prosecutor who is familiar with our local court system. Contact my office today to speak with a Peoria lawyer.

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